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Pawna Lake Camping GA4 Ticket


Pawna Lake side Camping
Camping near pawna lake. We provide best quality tent, delicious food and other facilities. Book your lakeside tent before rush

Availability: 150 in stock

Offer Price 1499 Rs. Per person
3 Pm to Next Day 11 Am
Welcome Snacks with Tea & Coffee, Pakoda.
Barbeque ( Veg & Nonveg )
Tent – 2/3 Person Sitting
Dinner- Veg & Nonveg – Jain Food Available
Car Parking
Water Sport -Extra
Breakfast – Poha & Tea
Activities – (Archery, Dart Game, Badminton, Carrom, Chess, Ludo, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Hula-Hoop, Disk throw, Roping.)
Washroom – Common Hygienic
Bathroom Facility
Invertor Backup & Charging Point
First Aid Kit
Water Bottle
Pet Friendly
Covid Max Friendly
Separate Section For Family, Bachelors & Couple.

Camping at Pawna Lake
There is no charge to take part in the experience if you are under five years old.

The appropriate child rate will be applied to children aged 5 to 10.

If a participant is 10 years of age or older, they must purchase the package at adult prices.

Reminder: At Pawna Lake, a minimum of two people are required to make a campground reservation.

Price Contains

* Stay

* Continue to share a tent with two or three others.

* Comfortable beds, blankets, and pillows

* The campsite will have a lot of restroom facilities.

Dinner * 5:00– 5:30 PM Pakoda and tea will be provided as snacks. Vegetarian BBQ: Marinated Paneer and Other Veggies (Limited Quantity).
* Non-Vegetarian BBQ: Limited Quantity of Marinated Chicken and Several Veggies
Dinner service begins at 8:00 PM:
* Infinite Unlimited Non-Veg Dinner: Sukha chicken Chapati, steamed rice, salad, and curry. Add paneer or veggies to one sukhi sabzi, chapati, dal-tadka, steamed rice, and salad for a vegetarian dinner.
for breakfast (9:00 AM and up), tea and snacks

Activities include:
nighttime fireworks;
a live DJ party;
outdoor sports like cricket, football, volleyball, carrom, badminton, and chess;
and a live musical performance. (Note: Only available on weekends.)

Overview of Pawna Lake side camping
Side of Pawna Lake Camping is a form of sustainable and rural tourism that combines the realms of exploration and adventure. Our travel strategy is designed to assist rural communities in utilizing this growing platform while protecting these pristine native areas for life-changing experiences. The automobiles are engineering marvels that make it easier for us to explore the natural world. Tyre marks are all that are left of us.

Camping at Pawna Lake Highlights
See the ethereal Western Ghats valleys while relaxing in your well-appointed tents.
Join your group for a live acoustic performance and a DJ night where you can enjoy some of your favorite’s music.
At Pawna’s most popular campground, celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve with your friends.
Enjoy a fun camping trip along the banks of stunning Pawna Lake, surrounded by mountains and rich vegetation.
Enjoy some delicious barbecue snacks while spending the evening by the campfire.

A description of Pawna Lake Camping

Location Pawna Lake in Maharashtra

The operator will give the precise location after the reservation.

4:00 PM is the check-in time.

Time to depart: 11:00 (the following day)

Duration of the camping trip: two days and one night

Families, individuals, and couples are the best candidates.

Regarding the Pawna Lake camping:

On the shores of Pawna Lake, in a beautiful, green environment surrounded by foggy Western Ghat valleys, is the breathtaking Pawna Lake campsite. The environment around Pawna Lake is improved by the presence of various tourist attractions, such as Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort. Due to the serene surroundings and an abundance of flora, this location, which is close to Khandala and Lonavala, is ideal for spending a quiet weekend.

Details of the camping activity

To begin your Pawna camping vacation, get at the campsite on Day 1 by 4 PM. It is only 15-20 steps from the magnificent Pawna Lake.

Take part in both indoor and outdoor activities throughout the day.

You can also visit some of the nearby well-known sites, like Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort.

Enjoy some delicious BBQ appetizers (Limited amount) while mingling with other campers and listening to music.

Relax in your cozy tents, which are allocated based on double/triple sharing, after a night of limitless meals (vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives). Mattresses, pillows, and blankets are given inside the tents to provide maximum comfort.


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